Probiotic Soil Management & Consulting
Let us show you how to continuously reuse and rebuild your soil while reducing and eventually eliminating the use of harmful & expensive synthetic fertilizers… all while reducing input expenses, increasing quality, and often yield!  Our team utilizes proven probiotic growing techniques along with extensive industry experience to develop an efficient custom regiment for your unique growing location.  At your request we can schedule weekly visits to work alongside your growers to provide hands on training, probiotic method SOP’s, as well as 24/7 phone and email support to ensure a successful and MED compliant harvest.

Soil & Amendments Delivered
Let us take the planning and labor of soil mixing and fertilizing off your hands.  Save time and ensure success with delivery of your own custom recipe, or one of our many quality soils in 1.5 cubic foot bags, 1 cubic yard super sacks or even by the 50 yard dump truck! Give us a call to learn more about our outdoor probiotic soil amending process or to request a bulk price quote for your indoor facility.

Recipe Blending & “Feed” Schedules
We take the guess work out of amending soil.  Stop wondering when, how, or if it is the right time to fertilize with a well developed organic / probiotic fertilization plan.

Pest/Disease ID + Treatment
Do you have something infecting your crop?  Let our professionals narrow the playing field by identifying any pests or fungal pathogens and implement our innovative and safe solutions.

Wholesale Soil & Probiotics
Get bulk wholesale pricing on the finest probiotic soil and amendments in Colorado! Innovative Organics & First Amendment Soil Co products are in high demand and could be a great addition to your store shelves.