Custom Soil Blends

Innovative Organics & First Amendment Soil Company provides Custom Soil Blending and Contract Packaging for a wide array of retail and production mixes. Our Colorado location is staffed with living soil and media production experts, we are ready to package and ship your products as needed. We also have the ability to tool up and grow to facilitate your operations anywhere in these fine United States. Contact us for a consultation, quotation or any questions.

Custom Mixing for Commercial Growers
The days of adapting retail products to your commercial production operation are over. We will work with you to produce local soils and media that are adapted to your growing environment, techniques and staff. We will provide custom mixes down to 1 Cubic Yard (27 Cubic Feet).  A pallet is typically 2-3 Cubic Yards. A truckload is typically 20-24 pallets. We can produce in bags or bulk totes.

Toll Mixing and Contract Packaging
If you are seeking a packaging and logistical solution to distributing your products, you can rely on Innovative Organics & First Amendment Soil Company to reliably produce, store and ship your products as needed. With custom manufacturing shops in both Maine and Colorado, we can provide the quality control and value needed in today’s soil and media industry. We are the manufacturing and formulation partner for many soil brands. While others sell soil, we MAKE soil. We have the expertise, equipment and ability to move your soil ambitions forward.

Product Formulation and Development
For those that have the spark, the idea, the seed to start a soil blend or plant nutritional product; First Amendment Soil can get you from A to Z. We work as product development and manufacturing partners for companies that currently work with or aspire to work with the largest indoor garden product distributors, the leading natural foods stores and for direct sales to customers. You do not need to navigate the industrial, regulatory and marketing landscape on your own. We can provide the insight and experience so that you can avoid mistakes, pitfalls and ultimately excel in the marketplace.

OEM Soil and Media Supplier
Partner with Innovative Organics & First Amendment Soil Company as your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to allow your business to grow and access new markets. The products you grow are quickly entering commodity status and the key to success is to stand out above the crowd with a value added product. Our soils and consultation services can facilitate just that, we give you the ability to achieve optimal production and most importantly, market every step along the way. We stand as your reliable industry partner, cutting through the hoopla, making sure the right products are in the right place, when you need them.


Natural, Organic, Local, Engineered and Efficient.